I’m sure you’ve read it in your briday magazine or planning book, but I’ll say it again, because so many brides wish that they’d spring for a professional videographer for their wedding.

We get phone calls and emails from past clients telling us that how the wedding video helped family who were unable to attend feel like they were there, being able to share the video with their children as they grow older (or in our case when we adopt them) or when a family member or close friend , who attended the wedding passes, and the wedding video meant so much more now than it did before. Photos and video are the only things (besides your ring) that will increase in value with time.

When you choose to have a professional videographer at your wedding you’re choosing to never forget the special moments of one of the most important days of your life. In experienced hands a professional video camera will capture every detail of the sights and sound of your wedding day in crystal clarity. From the moment you see each other for the first time on your wedding day to the tears of happiness as you say, “I do”. Wedding films are becoming the new keepsakes and are sure to be heirlooms for generations to come because video offers the unique ability to record more than just a single image. When you put images in motion the personality and emotion behind what is captured is revealed. Having the sound professionally recorded only adds to this effect. And don’t forget your wedding video is not only a time capsule of yourself but a record of your friends and family that you wish you could see every day. If you have any questions as to why you should have your wedding professionally videographed see this link.

As an Ocala wedding videographer, over the years we have picked up some tips for looking your best both in photos and in your wedding videos. With so many tips out there, here are 3 tips I found that is not often mention anywhere else. NO GUM CHEWING-This goes for you and the rest of the wedding party. One of the most frustrating things a couple will encounter is going through all your wedding photos and can’t find the ONE perfect full bridal party shot. Don’t be forced to choose over your best friend’s eyes closed or worse… her mouth open. Stick to mints for fresh kissable breath! PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR- Models do it, why shouldn’t you? Take some of your favorite poses you’ve seen and practice them in a mirror. Make sure if your an all teeth smiling kind of girl to practice some relaxed mouth smiles, for that romantic look. If you smile with a closed mouth, pay attention to smiling with your eyes. Extra bonus if you can get your fiancee to join in too. Oh! while you’re there practice that ever so romantic kissing shot. HOLD YOUR BOUQUET LOW- one word ladies…slimming. None of us are use to carrying a bouquet in our regular daily life, so when in doubt, stay low. For most bouquets, you should have only a slight bend in the elbow (if feels weird, I know). Make sure to pass this tip to your BMs too, not only does it lengthen your torso but it shows off the details of your dress. We are Central Florida’s wedding videographer specializing in wedding cinematography, utilizing high definition, state of art equipment, and editing software.


If you haven’t already had this conversation with your photographer and cinematographer, you need to! The decision to have a ‘first look’ will affect the timeline of your day, and the number and quality of photos and video you will have. Essentially, a first look is a staged meeting of you and your fiancee before you two walk down the aisle. It is usually followed up with a photo session before the ceremony begins.

If you are strictly traditional couple, you will most likely want to skip out on this; however, all couple should educate themselves to make the best decision for their wedding.

PROS- Because the photographer and cinematographer have time on their sides you will most likely have more time for getting photos. Because this is posed shot sequence, and there are no other guests or formalities to think about, the photographer and cinematographer have creative freedom, directing the couple for the perfect shots-plus they will have more allotted time since you are not rushing to cocktail hour. If your ceremony ends after duck, you may want to consider doing a first look so that you can get some fantastic natural lit photos. The best plus is that after the ceremony, you will have so much more time with your guests and enjoying you wedding-because isn’t this why you are having a wedding in the first place?

THE SHORT: More “just us” photos and great video opportunity to capture those emotions, taking photo’s at the optimal time of day, and more time at your wedding.

CONS-If you are traditional and have always dreamed about seeing one another-for the first time-looking down the aisle, this may not be for you. Although first looks’ can be very imitate and emotional this is not the traditional way of seeing each other. You will need to plan extra time for photo and video shots.

The growing trend of ‘first looks’ is proof that it’s worth thinking about.

We are always looking for ways to better our life, to better our future. I went to college to invest in my educational future and I purchased a house below it’s market value to invest in the real-estate market.

Hiring a quality wedding videographer to film your wedding is a smart investment for those who value their memory and heritage. We may be a bit biased but you need to hire a quality wedding videographer -even if you don’t hire us.

Recently I have been contacted by a past client, she informed me her father passed away unexpectedly, and the last photos and videos they have of him was at the wedding. We created a montage video using family photos and video footage that was used for the funeral. Yes, we have been asked to video those as well.

When planning your wedding, it’s not so pleasant to think that some of the people who will be attending your wedding, will not be here on earth in 5 years, or 10 years or 20 years down the road. Whether we want to think about that or not, it’s the truth. Aside from your wedding bands and the fluctuating market of gold, platinum and other precious minerals, there are two thing you can do when planning a wedding that will grow in value. Your wedding photos and video.

Now that you have found the PERFECT videographer to film your wedding, hooray! There are a few steps you can do to ensure your wedding film will be amazing. NO GUM CHEWING-It can seem like a minor detail, but I know you will thank us later! The last thing you want to see is yourself chewing during your vows. Stick to mints and encourage your wedding party to do the same. Schedule Gift Giving AND Share The Schedule- If we know when you will be opening your gifts or when you are giving a gift to someone, we will be much better prepared to film it (and the emotions that follow). Let us know when you will be planning on delivering and/or giving gifts. Clean Bride Prep Space- Keep the walking space clean so we can easily move around to capture your moments-plus is looks better on your video. Keep Music Down- Some of the things you will be saying or others will be saying will sound much better in your film when its not competing with the radio. Prep you Maid of Honor/Best Man for a good toast!! The best toasts are well prepared and concise. Make sure the toast-er speaks about both of you, it makes for a much better film when we can hear about you both! Also if you have any Special toasts keep us in the loop-preparation is everything! Allow Free Time For Videographer – When you schedule time with the photographer to do intimate photos of just the bride and groom, be sure to schedule in time for us the cinematographer to work our magic We usually need 20-30 minutes. LIGHTS-LIGHTS-LIGHTS!!! True a candle lit reception is romantic; however, film needs light and the better lighting the better footage. So arrange with your vendor and wedding planner to keep the lights on. BE YOURSELF- Don’t worry about acknowledging the video camera, just be yourself and enjoy YOUR day, footage looks amazing when it’s not staged. We want to capture your day with all the ups and downs that may come with it.
Expert advice on how to incorporate your favorite four-legged friend into your wedding day. Cats, dogs, snakes, horses and yes, even penguins. More and more, brides and grooms are finding that planning a wedding cermony isn’t complete without man’s best friend. Why have pets become so important for today’s couples? Quite simply put, the term, “pet” doesn’t apply to the pooches and kitties who make our lives complete. So what do you need to know before including your favorite furry friend in your wedding? 1. Be Realistic- If your pet doesn’t do well around large groups of people, it’s probably a good idea to not include them at the wedding but maybe the photo shot. 2. Plan Ahead- According to Jessica Meiczinger of Simply Divine Events, practice makes perfect. “You definitely want to do a trial run (at your venue).” she suggests. The same goes for any wedding outfits you have in mind for your pet. 3. Keep it Short and Sweet-Your pet should make a brief cameo at your wedding-not become the focal point. Unlike your well-trained human bridal party, animals can become unpredictable when scared or excited so it’s important to take that into consideration when planning out each aspect of your ceremony. 4. Designate a Pet “Ambassador” Have one person be responsible for your pet-tending to your pet’s need for food, water, and elimination needs. This person should be familiar to your pet, this way, if needed they can escort your pet elsewhere if needed. So don’t forget your pets food and favors. source Getmarried.com